2305/54 TYNESIDE GEORGE, Hudswell Clarke & Co. Works No.DM1119

Tanfield Railway is home to no less than three 2 foot gauge Hudswell Clarke 100hp 0-6-0DM flameproof underground locos. All are Double ended, with a cab at each end, powered by a Gardner 6LW engine and weigh 15 tons.

DM 1119 was ex-works on 29/5/1958 to Shotton Colliery, where she carried NCB plant number 2305/54. She moved to Sherburn Hill Colliery in 1963 and returned in 1965. In 5/1968 she moved to Fishburn Colliery and when that colliery closed moved to Blackhall Colliery in 1/1975. Blackhall sent her to Ashington Central Workshops in Northumberland in 4/1995, but she was transferred to Horden in 4/1976 after her overhaul. In 3/1983 she was returned to Ashington for a further overhaul in 3/1983, returning in 12/1983.

She was transferred to Seaham Training Centre in 12/1986, where she was named TYNESIDE GEORGE and painted yellow. Here she was used to train underground loco drivers on a steep gradient. In 4/1993 she was transferred to the Training Centre at Ashington and from there to Tursdale Engineering Ltd, Tursdale, near Bowburn, which was the privatised former British Coal workshops. She moved to Marley Hill in 4/1995.

Status: Stored, Marley Hill