NCB HORDEN, Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Works No.1015

Barclay 1015 of 1904, an 0-6-0ST with 15 x 22″ outside cylinders, 3ft 5in diameter wheels and a weight of 32.5 Tons. As No.1 HORDEN, she was ex-works on 8th July 1904 to The Horden Collieries Ltd, Co. Durham. They owned Blackhall, Horden and Shotton Collieries and locomotives were moved around as required prior to World War 1. She was once moved by road in steam, over four track panels at a time, between Shotton and Horden Collieries, to avoid high NER movement charges.

On Vesting Day in January 1947 she was at Shotton Colliery and became a National Coal board Loco. As an NCB she loco she was moved to Horden Colliery on the coast in 1955, returning around 1957 and was fitted with a new welded steel firebox by her builders in 1962. In June 1969 she was sent north to Ashington Central Workshops in Northumberland, for overhaul, the only NCB Durham Area steam loco ever sent there.

By May 1970 she had returned and continued her duties in company with STAGSHAW, which is also preserved at Tanfield. Whilst at Shotton Colliery she collided head-on with a BR Q6 0-8-0, which came off worst in the encounter and she still carries her bent front buffer beam to this day. In September 1972 Shotton Colliery closed and No.1 was sold to the Stephenson Hawthorn Locomotive Trust and moved to NCB Backworth Colliery in Northumberland, for storage in November 1972. In May 1976 she moved to NCB Burradon Colliery for a further period of storage and then back to Backworth Colliery, before moving to Marley Hill in June 1980.

In 2011-2012, HORDEN was assessed for suitability for restoration, including a thorough boiler and mechanical examination. Following the assessment, the restoration began in the first half of 2012. Work so far has consisted mainly of dismantling and cleaning up of parts. The boiler was lifted out of the frames in 2012 and has so far had all of the Tubeplate rivets removed. In March 2013, the wheels were removed from the frames and are currently being cleaned in the workshop. The frames, having been shotblasted, are currently being painted.

Photo: HORDEN under restoration at Marley Hill, by J.Kell

Status: Restoration, Marley Hill