LHJC (later NCB) No.14, Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Works No.3056

LH&JC 14 is an 0-4-0ST with 16 x 24″ cylinders, 3ft 10ins diameter driving wheels and a weight of 37 3/4 tons. She was ex-works from Hawthorn Leslie′s Newcastle works on 22/4/1914 with works number 3056. 14 went new to The Lambton & Hetton Collieries Ltd, Hetton Railway, County Durham, where she joined sister loco 13 HL 3055, delivered just a couple of weeks before. In 11/1924, the company became The Lambton, Hetton & Joicey Collieries Ltd and 14 was still at Hetton when the National Coal Board took over on Vesting Day in January 1947.

Now her wanderings began as she was moved to the Lambton Railway, Philadelphia loco sheds, by 9/1950 and back to Hetton, by 6/1952. She then moved to Vane Tempest Colliery, Seaham, by 1/1961, Philadelphia loco sheds, by 1/1961, Seaham Colliery, 2/1961, Philadelphia loco sheds, 5/1961, Dawdon Colliery, Seaham, 11/1962, Lambton Engine Works, Philadelphia, for overhaul, 7/1965, Philadelphia loco sheds 10/1965, probably for running in, Vane Tempest Colliery, 10/1965, Seaham Colliery, 12/1965, Vane Tempest Colliery, by 8/1966 and back to Philadelphia loco sheds, 10/1968, where she was put in store for Beamish Museum. She was the last Lambton Railway steam loco to leave the site.

In 12/1972 she moved to the North of England Open Air Museum′s store at Marley Hill shed and to Beamish Museum in 4/1979. At Beamish she was rebuilt by Clark Hawthorn Ltd at Northumberland Engine Works, Wallsend in 1980. So LHJC 14 is now back with us and is quite at home in Marley Hill shed.

Photo: LHJC No.14 at the back of Marley Hill Shed

Status: Restored, Stored in Marley Hill Shed