M2, Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Works No.7430

In January 1952, a batch of ten, 3ft 6in gauge, light 4-6-2s, built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Darlington Works, were shipped as deck cargo from Middlesbrough Docks to the Tasmanian Government Railways, Australia, aboard the “Christen Smith”. These were TGR M1-10, with 16 x 24″ outside cylinders and 4ft 7in diameter driving wheels, works numbers 7421-30 and all built during 1951. The last of this batch, M2 (formerly M10) RSHD 7430 of 1951 is now at Marley Hill.

M10 was the last steam locomotive built for the Tasmanian Government Railway. She spent her early years working from Launceston shed. After her second intermediate overhaul in 1955, she soon moved to Devonport shed and after re-numbering to M2 in 1957and to Wynyard shed by 7/1959. In 1960, she received a third intermediate overhaul and moved back to Devonport shed. M2 was laid aside in July 1961 and moved to Launceston Works. Her boiler was swopped with MA2 in 1961and she went into open store and gained the tender off an H class 4-8-2.

In December 1972 she was towed to Stanley and plinthed. In the early 1990s the Don Valley Railway recovered the locomotive and stored her on their site at Devonport. She arrived at Marley Hill on 3/7/1992 as an example of a locomotive built in the North East for export. All her sister locomotives survive and three are currently operational

Photo: M10 in Marley Hill Yard, by J.Kell

Status: Long Term Restoration, Marley Hill Yard