No.4, Hudswell Clarke & Co. Works No.DM1067

Tanfield Railway is home to no less than three 2 foot gauge Hudswell Clarke 100hp 0-6-0DM flameproof underground locos. All are Double ended, with a cab at each end, powered by a Gardner 6LW engine and weigh 15 tons.

DM 1067 was ex-works from Hudswell Clarke′s works in Leeds on 25/6/1959. Carrying NCB Plant number 2203/347, she was new to Elemore Colliery. Elemore was part of the huge Hawthorn project and our loco was used to take coal underground to Hawthorn Combined Mine. The gradients here were so severe that she and her sisters were paired with 15 ton, 4w brake tenders. She moved to Blackhall Colliery in 4/1972 and was sent to Ashington Central Workshops, in Northumberland, for overhaul in 10/1972. At Ashington, the mine locos were completely stripped down and returned to virtually new condition.

Returning in 1973, she returned to Ashington for a further overhaul in 9/1977, returning in 5/1978. She was transferred to Vane Tempest Colliery, Seaham, in 2/1981 and returned to Ashington for overhaul in 1/1982. In 11/1982 she returned to Vane Tempest and went back to Ashington in 10/1993. She moved from here to Marley Hill in 12/1993.

Status: Stored, Marley Hill