NCB No.501, Hunslet Engine Co. Plant No.2111/25

The National Coal Board ordered a batch of eight of these 0-6-0DH locos from Hunslet Engine Co of Leeds in 1965. They had 311hp Rolls-Royce C8SFL engines and weighed 55Tons. Hunslet 6612 was ex-works on 8/4/1965 to NCB Wearmouth Colliery, Sunderland, where she was numbered No.501 and carried plant number 2111/25. As she worked over British Rail exchange sidings, she was registered with the BR Board as NC47 and subject to their regular inspections.

In 3/1970 she was sent to Springwell Bank Foot shed, on the Bowes Railway, for repairs and after repair in 10/1970 to Derwenthaugh Railways, in North West Co. Durham. She was sent to Lambton Engine Works, Philadelphia, Tyne & Wear, for repairs in 3/1978, following which she moved to the adjacent Lambton Railway, for running in trials, in 12/1979. In 1/1980 she returned to Wearmouth Colliery and moved to the Tanfield Railway for preservation in 5/1994, carrying the number 2111/25. She hasn′t been used here, but her restoration was started and subsequently ceased and she can be found in the yard.

Status: Stored, Marley Hill Yard