PONY No.1, Clayton Equipment Co. Works No.B1886B

The Clayton Equipment Co. Pony is a 4wBE Flameproof loco with rubber tyres on its wheels. The extra grip of the rubber tyres, combined with a differential on each axle, enables the loco to climb steep gradients underground. Our 2 locos are type CRT3.5, of 17.5 hp and a weight of 3-3.5 tons.

Works number B1886B was ex-works from Clayton′s factory at Hatton, Derbyshire on 23/1/1990 as 2ft 6in gauge to the NCB′s Lea Hall Colliery, Staffordshire. Here it carried plant number 15/31 and moved to Bolsover Colliery, Derbyshire in 1991. In 6/1991 it was sent to Ashington Workshops in Northumberland for overhaul, but this did not take place and it was stored. The loco moved to Marley Hill in 10/1993

Status: Stored, Marley Hill