Walk 1 - Andrews House to Sunniside

Length of walk - 1 mile

Time - 20-25 minutes each way

Terrain - suitable for sturdy buggies and powered wheelchairs (this track undulates)

Start point - Car Park at Andrews House Station

End point - Sunniside Station.

Starting from the car park, head north and follow the path in the corner of the car park, opposite the Gibraltar Bridge.

As you walk along, there are several points of interest, apart from running parallel to the Tanfield Railway track itself. You will find some stone sculptures - one is in the car park, and if you look closely at the edge of the heather near to the sculpture of the feet you may find some angel's trumpets (a tiny trumpet - shaped green lichen).

On your left you will pass by the old turntable, which stood beside what was part of the engine stabling when this site was being worked and the railway was used to transport coal to the staithes on the river Tyne at Dunston. If you look carefully, you will be able to see some of the iron bolts and fittings that once supported the turntable.

Just before reaching Sunniside station, cross the line carefully, watching and listening for any trains that may be running before crossing. The path now runs above the line once more, and wanders into a wooded area. Keep following this path and you will come out onto the Sunniside-Stanley road, still beside the railway. This is the end of the line, so walk round the end of the line.

Sunniside station itself, from where you can catch a train on a Tanfield Railway running day, or turn and come back to your start point.

When you are out walking please follow the country code; close all gates, take nothing, and leave only footprints. The author/Tanfield Railway accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused while following the walk.