Tanfield Railway Association

The Tanfield Railway Association (TRA) has been in existence for over 30 years and in 2009/10 the organisation took on a revitalised format with a written constitution for the first time.


The TRA is a membership focussed organisation and needs to be able to meet the needs and aspirations of its members whilst at the same time contributing towards the goals of the wider Tanfield Railway.

The Tanfield Railway Association fund raises and contributes to specific projects on the Tanfield Railway so you can see visible benefit going in to our wonderful heritage. Our latest donations have included monies towards the restoration of the Lambton, Hetton & Joicey Collies brake van, and to paint for the exterior of the new building at East Tanfield station, for example.

The TRA has a defined development plan to further support the Tanfield Railway, this can be broken down into three clear themes:

  • Ensure Sustainability
  • Increase the contribution to the goals of the Tanfield Railway
  • Improve the satisfaction of members

Ensure Sustainability Increase the membership number over the next 5 years Increase the contributors of the '100 Club' Stablise the production and distrbution costs of the TRA Magazine Ensure membership costs are reflective of the offer available

Increase the contribution to the goals of the Tanfield Railway Support the understanding the the aims of the Tanfield Railway Increase contributions to Tanfield Railway projects Support the dissemination of information to volunteers

Improve the satisfaction of members Organise an annual trip for the members of the TRA Consistently produce 3/4 TRA Magazines per year Highlight volunteer achievement

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