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    • Publisher : Reflections of a Bygone Age (4 Dec. 2016)
    • Language : English
    • ISBN-10 : 190540851X
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1905408511
  • About the 'Alan Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey Maps' Series Alan Godrey has so far published over 2,000 of these detailed street maps for towns in England, Wales and Scotland. The Maps are highly detailed, taken from the old Ordnance Survey 1/2500 scale plans and reprinted at about 14 inches to the mile (1:4,340). Most maps cover about one mile (1.6kms) by one and a half miles (2.4kms) - Adjoining sheets can be assembled together to provide wider coverage. They cover towns in great detail, showing individual houses and property boundaries, railway tracks, factories, churches, mills, canals, tramways and even minutiae such as dockside cranes, fountains, signal posts, pathways, sheds, wells, etc.
  • Horizontal acrylic magnet with four locomotive designs
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